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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  May 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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unstinting and unconditional. i will maintain that link with you and i am proud of your service. >> you give people hope. >> reporter: in ridgefield, connecticut, laura ingle, fox news. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. right off the top, it's the news bp has been waiting for. after days of setbacks, they're finally beginning to siphon oil away from the gushing well in the gulf. but the white house warns this is not a solution. david lee miller starts off the edge. >> reporter: a mile long tube offers hope in the gulf. after threading it 5,000 feet down to the gushing oil well, bp is able to attach it to a leaking pipe and siphon away some of the spill but not all of it. >> we'll be looking to optimize this over the next couple of
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days to try to produce as much of the oil and gas as we can from this. we will just learn as we go in this approach. >> reporter: the white house is weary calling this a short-term fix, in the a solution. a joint statement from the secretaries of homeland security and the interior say, quote, "we will not rest until bp permanently seals the well head." for many fishermen, their experimental efforts come at their expense. unable to fish the waters, their money and patience are drying up. >> what they pay me for three days work i was making in a day fishing, all of us. >> reporter: these louisiana anglers are working for bp to help clean up the oil but there's paperwork, processing and long lines standing between them and a paycheck. >> it's just no way to live. a lot of -- like i said -- [ inaudible ] we go to bed not knowing what we're doing the next day. >> reporter: lawmakers say they will hold bp to its promise to pay all legitimate cleanup costs. >> we expect them to pay every
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cent. >> this is something republicans and democrats ought to come together, not allow big oil to call the shots but allow the law to call the shots. >> reporter: as bp works on containment, scientists warn ocean currents could be taking the spill in the direction of the florida keys. bp meanwhile says a permanent solution will require the drilling of relief wells, a process that will take until august. in venice, louisiana, david lee miller, fox news. music icon -- [ inaudible ] -- to help people in the gulf coast. the mao sigs are performing -- musicians are performing in the gulf aid benefit concert. proceeds will benefit the fishermen and protection from the damage in the region. the uva women's lacrosse team returned to the field today, the first time since the murder of teammate yeardley love. lover was a constant theme
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throughout the game. on t-shirts that read "one quad, one heart, one love ," on uva uniforms and arm bands of the opposing team. they rallied in the last four minutes to beat towson 14-12. they now head to the quarter finals ever the ncaa tournament. yeardley love's accused killer remains in jail without bond. a george washington university student has died after falling from a dormitory window. university president steven knapp announced taylor hubbard's death during today's commencement. the sophomore fell out of the window at guthridge hall around 4:00 saturday morning. he was taken to george washington university hospital where he died. there is no word on what caused him to fall. d.c. and campus police are investigating. more travel disruptions from volcanic ash drifting from iceland. london's heathrow airport is the latest airport to shut down because of the ash. officials say europe's busiest
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airport will be closed at least until tomorrow morning. the ash has caused other airports across britain and ireland to shut down throughout the course of the day. the trial begins tomorrow in a high profile murder case that turned a dupont circle townhouse into the center of a mystery. who killed robert wone. three men are charged with obstruction justice and not murder. investigators believe the men who lived in the house on swann street no who killed robert wone but have not told investigators. wone was stabbed three times and the house mates say an intruder killed him. heavy metal ronnie james he had been battling stomach cancer. he made the announcement shortly after wrapping up a tour last summer. he had recently undergone his seventh chemotherapy treatment and was hoping to perform again. he was 67 years old. the news edge on the economy. the government's tax credit program expired last month and
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some potential home buyers say that's okay. they're holding out hope for an additional dip in the housing market. elizabeth prime takes a closer look. >> are the first time home buyer tax credit is over, but that doesn't mean the deals are gone. >> for this home alone, we watched its price drop just $10,000 in the last three weeks. >> reporter: for lilly thomas who is house searching in south atlanta, that's just one more reason she's in no hurry to buy a home. >> i'm not basing my decision on the incentive the government is offering. >> reporter: but millions did according to the national association of realtors. the program that gave homeowners up to $8,000 in tax credits will cost the government $4.6 billion over eight years. the program may have appealed to some house hunters looking for a boost in buying power but thomas is glad she waited. >> there are cut in some homes that i've looked at on the net. ail go in and look and they've marked the price down maybe $5,000, $8,000. so they are actually going
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down. >> reporter: the house thomas is looking at dropped to $259,000 just months ago. today it's listed for $230,000. if she decides to buy the home, she'd save $20,000 rather than the $6500 credit she qualified for. >> there's no more credit. now we have those buyers who did not need the incentive. they're waiting to see a price reduction in homes. >> reporter: in atlanta, elizabeth prime, fox news. a good worker more like a good samaritan. joslin found more than $5,000 in cash and returned it all to its cone owner t. had been stuffed in a sock and wrapped in a blanket and thrown in the donation pile. they managed to track down the donor to a 1975 pay stub also found with the items. the money belonged to a 97-year- old woman living at an assisted living facility. >> i was about to trash it.
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i tried to open it and there was something inside, money. >> the woman's niece said family members found tens of thousands of dollars stashed around her great aunt's home when they cleaned it out last month. she says they just have missed that particular sock. next at 11:00, we're taking the edge off. notice anything different about who or what is presiding over this wedding? we'll explain after the forecast. >> that was interesting. well, you know what? we've got wet weather on the way. grab the umbrella and keep it handy. you're going to need it for a few days. i'll let you know what to expect coming up. fox 5 news will be back after the break. stay with us. "os
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i hope you got to get out and enjoy this weekend because changes are on the way. all the wet weather is pushing its way to the north and northeast and is headed
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straight for our area. this is all part of a much larger system that caused an awful lot of severe weather in areas of the southern plains and midsection of the country. right now it's pushing its way a little bit closer, areas into the potomac highlands, along the then then valley expecting to see it first into the course of tonight but into tomorrow things are really going to change for us. let's take a look at radar so you can see what i'm talking about. this system has been very, very slow in moving its way from the midsection of the country towards area of the east. but this is the stationary frontal system that we're going to be concerned with. but all of this is moving its way as i said all across the areas of the mid-atlantic. we can even see some thunderstorms with it before all is said and done. we had a ridge of high pressure that influenced our weather over the course of the weekend. that is moving out. increasing clouds tonight ahead of the system. rain in the overnight hours pushing in. and then this rain is going to be sticking around right through until wednesday. so we have the extended period that we're going to have to deal with. a series of low pressure systems will ride along this
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frontal system and depending when and how fast this front moves its way to the north, that will be the determining factor as to whether or not we see any storms with it. rain for the west pretty heavy. two to three inches expected in through this area is where we have a flood watch, the potomac highlands as well as areas of the then dough ya valley -- the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge. this in effect right through till monday afternoon. futurecast showing you your morning commute, lots of shower activity will be sticking around through the evening commute as well so be prepared for that. and throughout the course of the day, that rain is going to continue to get heavier. by tuesday we've got heavier apartments of rain as well to deal with. could see a storm or two popping up and it's still sticking around into wednesday. i'm telling you i call it like an unwanted houseguest. it will be around. day planner tomorrow, though, by midday it will be around 61 degrees. the wet weather, you're going to have to deal with over the course of the next few days. the sunshine will return by thursday, though. that's also when those temperatures will start to
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rise. >> gwen, thanks for that. did you see it? a robot married a japanese couple. the 4 foot tall eye fairy married the couple. the groom is a robotic professor and the couple met through a project making robots. the bride said she wanted the robot to be a part of the most important day of her life. kind of creepy i'd say. just a little. that does it for us. the news is always on geico sports xtra two minutes away. have a great night. 
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